William and Alastair Peake

Scotland is home for us and where our heart is. Salmon have seen a decline on our home shores and the Atlantic Salmon Trust is working to find out why.

For us it is about preserving the sport we hold so dear, protecting the iconic Salmon, whilst protecting our livelihood as well as the livelihoods of every other Ghillie and guide not just in Scotland but the North Atlantic.

Twin brothers William and Alastair Peake share a passion for fly fishing, adventure and the great outdoors. Both fly fishing guides and casting instructors, they decided to explore further opportunities to promote the sport. Having fished worldwide and always learning new techniques TwinPeakes Fly Fishing was created as a platform to teach, advise and promote the sport of fly fishing.

William and Alastair began their fly fishing career as ghillies on the Grimersta Estate on the Isle of Lewis where they discovered their passion for fly fishing. They now work as ghillies on the famous Scottish River Dee and between seasons they travel extensively always with fly rods in hand. They explored the southern reaches of Patagonia pursuing huge sea trout and monster king salmon, learning how techniques can differ for the different species. They have spent four seasons both fishing and guiding on New Zealand’s incomparable South Island enjoying the world class trout fishing that New Zealand has to offer.

The Peakes run a fly fishing school on the Aberdeenshire Dee, prompting the sport and offering a step for people looking to get into the sport of improve. They also run regular trips to various destinations they have fished and are keen to share their knowledge with others. Full details can be found at http://www.twinpeakesflyfishing.com