The Laxford Sea-Trout Tagging Project

Our Tracking co-ordinator Dr Matt Newton has been busy in the last few weeks in North West Scotland at the Laxford Sea Trout Tracking Project recovering acoustic receivers. Some of these receivers are the first investment from the AST in their Acoustic Telemetry programme, going forward they will be deployed in the Moray Firth where AST will be tracking over 800 Atlantic salmon smolts from seven river systems to 80km from shore. This will be the furthest a salmon smolt has been tracked from the UK.

It will enable us to partition mortality throughout their early migration and identify, at the regional level, where mortality is highest. This will enable us to pinpoint future research and identify exactly what is causing that mortality.

The Laxford Sea Trout Tracking project is a collaborative project with West Sutherland Fisheries Trust, University of Glasgow, AST and Marine Scotland Science.

100 sea trout have been tagged and will be monitored across 40 acoustic receivers throughout the Loch. The aim of the project is to understand the habitat use of the fish within Loch Laxford with this data it is possible to inform management strategies, such as restoration that can protect, enhance and improve sea trout populations.