Salar The Salmon

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APRIL 2019

In 2018 actor and passionate angler Jim Murray sat down to read to his daughter. He had chosen Salar the Salmon, by the author Henry Williamson, to share with her the wonders of the King of Fish.

Salar the Salmon has never achieved the fame of another of Williamson’s books – Tarka the Otter.

Unlike the Otter population which has continually increased over the last 25 years and expanded its range in the UK, the population of wild Salmon has been in decline. In the last 40 years the population of wild Atlantic Salmon has more than halved.

Jim strongly believed that there was an urgent opportunity to come together with Tiggy Pettifer of the Atlantic Salmon Trust (AST) to raise awareness about the work that the AST undertakes to research and conserve wild salmon. Creating an audio book of Salar the Salmon which would make it more accessible to a new audience in 2019 – The International Year of the Salmon.

The motivation behind the project is clear. Jim said ‘Wild Atlantic salmon are a vital part of our marine ecosystem, the canaries of our rivers and oceans. Their future as a species is now at near tipping point and yet very few people are aware of this impending crisis. That needs to change quickly, and awareness is key.’ 

Not only has Mr. Murray narrated and produced the audio book with Strathmore Publishing, both working on a voluntary basis, he has also brought on board his celebrity friends to help launch the audiobook and raise awareness through social media.

Celebrities and actors including Hugh Bonneville, Sarah Parish, Bob Mortimer, Robson Green [see full list below] have read short extracts from the book to reach out to the public who may not be aware of the wild salmon story or the need to act now to conserve them.

Jim Murray and the AST are proud to have the support of the family of Henry Williamson for the project,

 “We are extremely happy to be part of this project to give prominence to the work of the Atlantic Salmon Trust by donating the rights for the excellent reading by Jim Murray of Henry Williamson’s book Salar the Salmon.

The plight of the salmon was at the heart of much of Henry Williamson’s thinking on conservation.  If there were salmon in the river – that river was healthy and that maintained the huge range of river life: its plants, its insects, its animals – its whole ecosystem.”

Richard and Anne Williamson (Son & Daughter-in-law of Henry Williamson – and managers of his literary estate)

Tiggy Pettifer, fundraiser for the AST and advocate of encouraging more children into fishing and conservation said,

This is such a magical story, for adults and children. To have it made so easily accessible is a dream – a wonderful help for parents needing to entertain children on long car journeys or relax at bedtime – and not only will their children love being taken to our rivers and countryside but their parents will love it too. Especially non-fishers who haven’t been lucky enough to sit or stand by a river and marvel at its beauty!’


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Full list of celebrities in promotional video

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Sarah Parish

Hugh Bonneville

Burn Goorman

Paul Whitehouse

Nina Sosanya

James Stokoe

Iain Glen

Bob Mortimer

Roger Allam

Marina Gibson

Robson Green

Anthony Calf

James Murray