Gala Symposium

The AST 50th Anniversary Gala celebrations will begin during the day with a Science Symposium: Salmon at Sea – The next 50 Years

This event, limited to 70 attendees, brings together speakers and delegates from across the Atlantic to discuss issues faced by Atlantic salmon during the marine stage of their life cycle.

The AST are focused on finding out why less than 5% of salmon smolts return as adults and what can be done to improve marine survival.

Speakers include:

Tarquin Millington Drake – Frontiers, England
“Using Anglers Expertise and Enthusiasm to Generate Good Science”

Dr Glenn Nolan – Secretary General, EuroGOOS, Brussels, Belgium
“The Surface layers of the North Atlantic – “things just ain’t what they used to be”

Dr Gérald Chaput – Coordinator, Centre for Science Advice, Gulf Region, Fisheries and Oceans, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
“Atlantic Salmon: Changing Survival Patterns and Shifting Populations”

Jonathan Carr – Executive Director Research and Environment, Atlantic Salmon Federation, St Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada Tracking Salmon
“Unravelling the Mystery of Where our Fish are Dying at Sea”

Professor Ken Whelan – Research Director, Atlantic Salmon Trust, Edinburgh, Scotland
“Seeking Out the Likely Suspects – Why, Where and How Many?”


25/05/17 - 25/05/17
Syon Park House

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Fisheries Management Scotland Annual Conference 2019

29 Mar

“Salmon and People in a Changing World”

2019 is the International Year of the Salmon – a unique initiative which will bring people together to share and develop knowledge, raise awareness and take action to address the environmental and man-made challenges faced by salmon.

Working with partners in the Missing Salmon Project, the Fisheries Management Scotland Annual Conference will focus on how key pressures on wild salmon are being addressed and prioritised, drawing on international best practice.

The Conference will be followed by a Drinks Reception & Dinner hosted by Fisheries Management Scotland in partnership with Loop Tackle.

Further details are available from the Fisheries Management Website:

Book your place on the conference Eventbrite site: CLICK HERE

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