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Atlantic Salmon Trust

Dr. Matt Newton joins the Atlantic Salmon Trust

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Matt Newton joined the AST on the 17th May 2017 as Programme Coordinator for the AST Acoustic Telemetry Tracking project. The project aims to develop a clear understanding of what is happening to smolts during their migration, and help to develop projects to monitor their progress towards the open ocean. The project will contribute information to the AST’s current research programme, which is focused on addressing a key question:

Why are less than 5% of Atlantic salmon smolts leaving UK rivers returning as adults?

Dr. Newton comes to the AST from the University of Glasgow where he developed his expertise in both the academic and practical aspects of acoustic telemetry tracking of fish. Matt held the post of Postdoctoral Researcher – designing, coordinating and executing acoustic telemetry projects. His PhD thesis was entitled: “Assessing the Impacts of Riverine Barriers to the Freshwater Migration of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar L.)”.

Dr. Newton writes:

“As fish telemetry continues to evolve within the UK there is an ever growing need for the collaboration and knowledge transfer between groups working in this intricate field of science. As tracking coordinator for the AST I will be working provide a platform where such collaboration is facilitated, initially this will form a database of groups and organisations undertaking telemetry studies. The database will enable organisations to identify neighbouring projects and stimulate partnerships which will further advance our knowledge into fish migrations.

I am beginning to develop telemetry projects and ideas with fisheries trusts and DSFB’s and take these forward to funding applications with the hope of working with organisations across the British Isles to facilitate acoustic telemetry systems monitoring salmon and sea trout. I am keen to speak to any organisations planning such work with the potential to offer advice and support for these projects.

Looking into the future, we will be aiming to bring together wider ranging partners to form collaborations, the vision is to approach funding bodies that will facilitate the deployment of open ocean arrays within the North Atlantic, unlocking the mystery that is Atlantic salmon migration in the marine environment.”

Contact details:
Mobile: 07833224691
Tel: 0131 221 6552 (Edinburgh Office)


The AST Acoustic Tracking project is the recipient of a three-year funding grant from The Fishmongers’ Company.