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Hello, and welcome to the Friends Page. The fact that you have got this page is fantastic! It is so easy to become a friend. It is £20.00 minimum a year, the equivalent of six salmon flies or two nice bottles of wine! You don’t have to be a fisherman to become a Friend, those concerned about saving wild salmon and sea trout, and conserving our environment will get a huge amount out of supporting the Trust too. If you would like to donate more you can. Just click to complete or download a Friends and Gift Aid form, fill them in and return to the AST Administrator, Pamela: administrator@atlanticsalmontrust.org

Please click here to complete the Friends Form online

Your money will be spent on the AST projects and you can designate your donation to a particular project if you so wish.

You will be sent a car sticker, a gift voucher for Fishing TV for a one-month free subscription, a newsletter to keep you updated with our progress, events happening around the countryside and news about the freshwater and marine environment our salmon and sea trout spend their time in.

The most important thing you can do is spread the news, the AST are here to do something! The more people that know about what the AST are trying to achieve the better. So please tell your friends, ghillies, fishing organisations – united together we can help wild salmon. It has never been needed more.

If you would like to help in other ways, The Gala dinner in May 2017, donating lots for our online auction, being a spokesman for the AST please don’t hesitate to contact me, Fundraising officer, Tiggy Pettifer on fundraiser@atlanticsalmontrust.org or call 01874731155 .

Tiggy Pettifer

Tiggy Pettifer has been fishing on the Usk since she could cast. Tiggy has been lucky enough to fish all over the British Isles, Iceland and Australia. As an AAPGAI double handed instructor Tiggy helps mainly ladies and children to learn to fish and she is hell bent on getting the next generation into waders! Tiggy joined the AST in 2010 as she felt that something had to be done to help the beautiful silver salmon and sea trout.

In October 2016 she joined the rank and file to be our Fundraising officer.