Salmon Aquaculture

Salmon Aquaculture

The AST firmly believes that ICES (the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) has now provided convincing evidence of both direct impacts and major risks from open cage salmon aquaculture on wild salmon and sea trout stocks, in terms of both sea lice loadings and genetic introgression from escaped farmed fish.

In light of the recent scientific information on the impacts of Aquaculture the AST has revised and updated its positioning statement on salmon aquaculture. We are looking at ways to urgently and positively move forward the dialogue with the fish farming industry and Government so as to alter fish farm management practices and improve conditions for wild salmon.

Aquaculture Useful Information / News:

14/03/2018 – Salmon Farming in Scotland – Inquiry by the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee

25/01/18 – Scottish Association for Marine Science Review of the Environmental Impacts of Salmon Farming in Scotland – Executive Summary and Main Report 25 January 2018 (3067KB pdf)

25/01/18 – Environmental impacts of salmon farming

11/01/18 – Impacts of salmon lice emanating from salmon farms on wild Atlantic salmon and sea trout – NINA Report

23/10/17 – Joint FMS / AST response to Aquaculture Stewardship Council consultation

23/06/2017 – S&TCS Campaign and Petition leads to Parliamentary Inquiry into Scottish salmon farming