The Atlantic Salmon Trust was Founded in 1967 in response to growing concerns about over exploitation of wild salmon in the Faroes and Greenland Coastal waters.

Since then we have acquired a reputation as an influential advocate for salmon conservation within the United Kingdom. Traditionally our work has been in the freshwater environment, but more recently we have focused on the lives of wild salmon at sea.

This year our major piece of work is The Missing Salmon Project, this comprises of two major components:
1. The Likely Suspects Framework
2. The Missing Salmon Project

Over £1million is needed to support this work.


There are two ways that you can support the Atlantic Salmon Trust Campaigns:
1. Make a bid on the Atlantic Salmon Trust online auction: www.astauction.com
2. Make a donation to the Crowd Funding Campaign: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/themissingsalmonproject

It is also possible to make a donation directly to the Trust. Please contact pamela@atlanticsalmontrust.org

Latest News

AST – Presidents club reception at the House of Commons

Saturday, December 15, 2018

During the heated atmosphere of a vote of confidence within the house of commons last week, the Atlantic Salmon Trust held a wonderful event in the Churchhill room at parliament. We were focused on other important issues that our Atlantic Salmon are currently facing around the Atlantic Ocean.

We were delighted to have MP Alister Jack host the reception on behalf of the president of the Atlantic Salmon Trust, Earl George Percy. During the event we welcomed speakers Alister Jack, Peter Landale and Mark Bilsby who all talked about how important the Missing Salmon Project is and the main aims of the project.Professor Ken Whelan was on hand to educate us all around some of the technical scientific elements of the project and there was a huge amount of support from the guests.

The missing salmon project is well underway and it outlines how we are striving to reverse our declining Atlantic Salmon Stocks. The new year will bring the launch to begin the Moray Firth acoustic tracking project.

As part of our efforts to “Save the Atlantic Salmon” we are expanding our Presidents Club. The Presidents Club will have a limited number of key supporters who care passionately about the Atlantic Salmon and can help provide financial sustainability to fund the Trusts project work and core costs.

The Presidents club is hosted by our President, Earl George Percy. George is a hugely keen fisherman and passionate about the future survival of Atlantic Salmon as a species. George is dedicated to scientific research as the route to finding a solution to halt the salmon population decline and will be hosting a Presidents Club meeting once a year at Fishmongers Hall in London to present our projects and strategy, and invite comment on the Trusts work. We also host trip for our Presidents once a year, last year we took our presidents to Iceland, in 2019 we will be inviting them to the Moray Firth to see first hand the project underway.

Major donors of the Trust are asked for a minimum contribution of £5,000 a year for a period of 5 years to join the Presidents Club. We are funding 3 significant projects into Atlantic Salmon: Acoustic Tracking, eDNA and Aquaculture. The Presidents Club will help the Trusts finance these ambitious project areas and help answer “What is happening to our salmon at Sea?”.

If you would like to learn more about the Presidents Club please contact director@atlanticsalmontrust.org



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Bucket List Trip to Alphonse Island, Seychelles

Monday, December 10, 2018

The Atlantic Salmon Trust is delighted to present this bucket list holiday of a lifetime to Alphonse Island, Seychelles, kindly donated by Blue Safari Seychelles.

All proceeds from this sealed bid auction will go directly to the AST.


Please click on the link below for full details of the lot and how to bid.

Good Luck !

Alphonse Lot

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The Laxford Sea-Trout Tagging Project

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Our Tracking co-ordinator Dr Matt Newton has been busy in the last few weeks in North West Scotland at the Laxford Sea Trout Tracking Project recovering acoustic receivers. Some of these receivers are the first investment from the AST in their Acoustic Telemetry programme, going forward they will be deployed in the Moray Firth where AST will be tracking over 800 Atlantic salmon smolts from seven river systems to 80km from shore. This will be the furthest a salmon smolt has been tracked from the UK.

It will enable us to partition mortality throughout their early migration and identify, at the regional level, where mortality is highest. This will enable us to pinpoint future research and identify exactly what is causing that mortality.

The Laxford Sea Trout Tracking project is a collaborative project with West Sutherland Fisheries Trust, University of Glasgow, AST and Marine Scotland Science.

100 sea trout have been tagged and will be monitored across 40 acoustic receivers throughout the Loch. The aim of the project is to understand the habitat use of the fish within Loch Laxford with this data it is possible to inform management strategies, such as restoration that can protect, enhance and improve sea trout populations.

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Policy and Research

The job of the Trust is to show people how both species can be conserved and managed to enable their value to society to be realised sustainably. The Trust’s work concentrates on improving our knowledge of these fish, their habitats and their complex and fascinating life histories, and the threats to their survival. Until recently this knowledge was confined mainly to the freshwater aspects of their life cycle, but the AST is now focusing on the migration and marine phase of their life cycle.
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Current Priorities

As the UK's only charity whose work is devoted exclusively to the conservation of wild Atlantic salmon and sea trout, the AST's focus is on the whole lives of these fish, in both freshwater and marine environments. Our current priority is to find out why and where salmon and sea trout are dying and the AST is directing its focus on the migration of salmonids, and the lower river, coastal and marine environment.
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Activities and Services

The Trust facilitates research, undertakes projects, organises events and communicates its findings to anglers, fishery managers, owners and the public. To keep our Friends and Supporters informed the Trust will be publishing an annual report, issuing monthly news updates and news flashes and maintaining an up-to-date website.
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