Last Day of the AST Online Auction!

It is the last day of the online auction, and the pace is picking up! Thank you all so much! There’s a staggered closing of lots which starts at 12 midday on the 14th Feb and runs until c. 6.30pm on the 15th Feb. Every lot shows its closing time, and time left to bid. The generous support of our donors and the value of their donations is of great importance to the AST in funding our projects and allowing us to help fund salmon and sea trout research undertaken by others (inc. local Fisheries Trusts). In some previous years there has been a further discounting of unsold lots after the auction has closed. This will NOT take place this year. So please don’t wait. The starting prices are around 2/3rds of the guide value of the lot and there are opportunities to get great value on your fishing and shooting whilst supporting the work of the Trust. Please contact the Trust if you missed the opportunity to bid before a lot closed, it may be possible to purchase an unsold at the starting price, but it will not be reduced further. There is no obligation for us to do this and unsold lots may get held over to another event/purpose. SO if you have seen something you like, now is the time to bid, you may have less than 2 hrs left!!