The Atlantic Salmon Trust was Founded in 1967 in response to growing concerns about over exploitation of wild salmon in the Faroes and Greenland Coastal waters.

Since then we have acquired a reputation as an influential advocate for salmon conservation within the United Kingdom. Traditionally our work has been in the freshwater environment, but more recently we have focused on the lives of wild salmon at sea.

This year our major piece of work is The Missing Salmon Project, this comprises of two major components:
1. The Likely Suspects Framework
2. The Missing Salmon Project

Over £1million is needed to support this work.


There are two ways that you can support the Atlantic Salmon Trust Campaigns:
1. Make a bid on the Atlantic Salmon Trust online auction: www.astauction.com
2. Make a donation to the Crowd Funding Campaign: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/themissingsalmonproject

It is also possible to make a donation directly to the Trust. Please contact pamela@atlanticsalmontrust.org

Latest News

AST ONLINE AUCTION IS NOW LIVE! www.astauction.com

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Atlantic Salmon Trust auction is now live and runs until 18.00 on the 1st July 2018.

To download the 2018 auction catalogue and our annual review please click here: AST Auction Catalogue & Review 2018

To go directly to the auction website please click here: www.astauction.com

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Catch and Release

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Salmon caught during the season will remain in the river for many months before spawning and the need to treat them with utmost care when returning them to continue their journey is vitally important.

As a key player in the world of salmon fishing Fishpal CEO, and AST Ambassador, Mark Cockburn, wanted to increase the awareness of catch and release for salmon conservation through the FishPal site: www.fishpal.com/index.asp

Each year the site receives over 24 million page views and 850,000 visitors buying permits, checking information and news on latest catches for fisheries across the United Kingdom, Ireland and Iceland.

Mark and Anne (Fishpal Marketing Director) approached the Atlantic Salmon Trust requesting their advice and assistance in producing an advisory film for anglers on catch and release.

The Atlantic Salmon Trust Research Director Prof. Ken Whelan filmed a series of ten minute films called The Gift (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) to promote the message of best practice for fishing for salmon.

The advice in each film is based on scientific evidence and is aimed at minimising the damage to released fish from angling.

The location chosen was the River Tyne which has recorded the highest catch of salmon in England and Wales since 1998, thanks to the conservation work on the river. The beat was Bywell which didn’t disappoint. During the two days a total of three fish were caught by our youngest angler Jess England (19) and eldest Tom Robinson (78), ably assisted by their ghillie Terry Paton.  All of the research to date clearly indicates that if properly handled the vast majority of rod caught salmon survive to spawn. In releasing their wild salmon anglers are making an invaluable contribution to salmon conservation.

Why did we call it The Gift? A 6lb hen will produce 5,000 eggs, while a 20-pounder could shed 15,000 eggs, by putting the fish back you are giving a gift back to the river of eggs.

We all have a social conscience to spread the word to others and to demonstrate that we are responsible guardians for the future of salmon.

Anne Woodcock


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Supporters News – Spey Casting for Beginners

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

We are very honoured to have businesses supporting the work of the Atlantic Salmon Trust. Corporate Partners of the AST are giving something back to help the species that they are so passionate about, and which provides them with their livelihood. Helping efforts to conserve and enhance wild salmon and trout stocks, and their environment, for the future forms part of their corporate and social responsibility.

Here we are pleased to provide you with an update from our supporters Alba Game Fishing – www.albagamefishing.com

“We’ve been doing a lot of salmon fishing on the Tay and Spey, teaching beginners Spey Casting.

Dan and Ron from Texas spent a week in Speyside, then on to the River Alness to fish for trout. They married the experience with some touring of Speyside and a trip to the West Coast to fish a trout loch from a drifting boat. Over the week they learned various Spey Casting techniques, fished Wester Elchies and Brae Water 2 and 5 beats and the River Alness and trout lochs. The Spey was high first two days with snow melt, conditions were not the best and on the 3rd day Brae Water had clearer water but fish were running through. Despite that Ron had a hold of a fish briefly. Some great trout were caught on the lochs. When fishing conditions are less than perfect, and we have guests on Spring salmon breaks we manage expectation correctly and because of this the guys really enjoyed the experience and relaxed into the vacation. We worked with our partners SalmonQuest on this vacation, with Roger and I guiding on a day together and Roger taking them to Wester Ross on a tour and fishing the secret trout loch.

photo 4photo 3photo 2

These guys (below) Ben Leith and friends came for a birthday day on the Tay, we provided gourmet lunch and birthday cake and the group split into salmon and trout anglers. Here they are at the end of the day enjoying a wee dram..”

photo 5photo 6

Post written by: Stewart Collingswood, www.albagamefishing.com


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Policy and Research

The job of the Trust is to show people how both species can be conserved and managed to enable their value to society to be realised sustainably. The Trust’s work concentrates on improving our knowledge of these fish, their habitats and their complex and fascinating life histories, and the threats to their survival. Until recently this knowledge was confined mainly to the freshwater aspects of their life cycle, but the AST is now focusing on the migration and marine phase of their life cycle.
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Current Priorities

As the UK's only charity whose work is devoted exclusively to the conservation of wild Atlantic salmon and sea trout, the AST's focus is on the whole lives of these fish, in both freshwater and marine environments. Our current priority is to find out why and where salmon and sea trout are dying and the AST is directing its focus on the migration of salmonids, and the lower river, coastal and marine environment.
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Activities and Services

The Trust facilitates research, undertakes projects, organises events and communicates its findings to anglers, fishery managers, owners and the public. To keep our Friends and Supporters informed the Trust will be publishing an annual report, issuing monthly news updates and news flashes and maintaining an up-to-date website.
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